Jun 20

Bioscope: The Modern Microscope for the Modern Student

by Adrian Brito

At NASA CPP, we know the value of a good education and it is in these principles we were founded on. Unfortunately, not everyone is as like minded when it comes to education. A US News reports that only 23% of students show interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education. Unfortunately only 16% of these students who are interested in STEM education follow through with their coursework which drastically decreases the number of STEM graduates. This gap is a well known problem to Jon Erickson, ACT president of education and career solutions, who said in response “Nothing is more costly to our nation than untapped potential.”

We decided that there needed to be a change and after a year of research and development we created BioScope. BioScope is a low cost, technologically advanced mobile microscope system designed for the modern student. BioScope users may observe microscopic organisms, blood, and plant cells with the power of their smartphone cameras and capture their findings with our own unique mobile application. Our mobile application utilizes an online hub where users can share images of new discoveries that will promote learning and encourage users to interact with each other.

Traditional microscopes have not been fundamentally changed for over fifty years and we thought it was about time. By altering the way we think about microscopes and other outdated technologies, we can make an impact in the mentality of what is possible. Bioscope is still in intensive development and we hope to have it in the hands of students everywhere next year.


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