Jun 20

Fantom Origins

by Adrian Brito

Fantom was created with the belief that a technology should not remain stagnant and should continue evolving. The current fans in the market have low efficiency that lead to higher energy use and higher carbon emissions. No other company has put in effort to change this. According to the University of Kansas, traditional fans running overnight over the summer waste enough energy to power your mobile device for twenty-five years or power your laptop for a year. It takes one tree more than a year to absorb all the CO2 pollution produced from generating that electricity. 1.2 pounds of CO2 pollutants are emitted every time a kilowatt (kW) is generated. That means one household is emitting 117 pounds of CO2 a year just to power inefficient fans, which equates to 14.72 billion tons of CO2 nationwide! Not only is fan inefficiency a burden on the environment, it is costing United States consumers millions of dollars in unnecessarily high electric bills. The national cost of electricity for fan use alone equates to approximately $1.5 billion dollars annually!

In collaboration with NASA engineers, we have created Project Fantom to help solve the problem of current fan inefficiencies. This revolutionary technology will be used in the MARS 2020 mission. We developed Fantom by transferring this wing efficiency into a usable consumer fan blade. We have been successful in continuously achieving increasing efficiencies after every prototype iteration. As of this article’s publishing, the project is still in the physical testing phase. Ultimately, our objective is to decrease electricity usage and carbon emissions in the U.S. to make a positive impact in the world. Aside from saving electricity, we can save the trees that would have to recycle the CO2 emitted by traditional fans. You can expect to see Fantom blades on store shelves in the near future. Less pollution is Fantom’s solution!


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