Jun 20

We Just Want You to Have Good Posture, Straight Up!

by Adrian Brito

Straight Up is a smart wearable technology that alerts its users via app if their posture is not optimal. This product was developed to help the millions of Americans who suffer from incorrect posture and to bring awareness to the issue. Straight Up uses fiber optic technology not seen in any other posture corrector. This allows our product to give live feedback and promote correct posture habits.

Straight Up is in high development and shows promise as we move toward a future with smarter and smarter wearable technology. Straight Up will springboard our knowledge and understanding of the wearable technology market and help us make better and better products in the future. But at the end of the day we just want you to have good posture, Straight Up!

incorporates machine learning. We hope to have Bioscope developed and in full production by next year.

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