Jun 30

NASA CPP Takes on the Bronco Arena


by Adrian Brito

We entered the Bronco Arena competition, hosted by the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Association (CEO), not knowing what to expect as it was our first real competition. We had a few weeks to prepare  but time seemed to fly by. On April 20, 2017 it was showtime and all the time we had put into preparing and rehearsing would culminate to a tiny 3 minute presentation. Suddenly, it was our turn to represent Fantom and I looked at Sherry and nodded as we proceeded up to the stage. The whole presentation seemed to fly by and was a blur. Before I knew it it was over and I could breathe a sigh of relief. We took a seat and even though the results had not been announced I felt like we won just by presenting. After a brief deliberation, Fantom was announced as the first place winner and it felt surreal. We received the award and took photos, and at that moment I knew that this would be the first of many.


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