Sep 01

The Bronco Startup Challenge

by Adrian Brito

The 2017 Bronco Startup challenge was a huge success as Bioscope and StraightUp took 1st and 3rd place respectively! The competition was fierce as even Fantom did not manage to place and Ursa Major was packed to overcapacity. Two minutes is all we had to present our ideas to a panel of judges with a ten slide Powerpoint. Any college student knows the struggles of presenting in front of a class but in front of a crowd with higher stakes, the feeling is much different. For Bioscope Tim, Lauren and Alec won the crowd and the judges attention with their on point presentation and prototype. For StraightUp, Rohan and Vincent had an amazing presentation complete with humor. Sherry and I had more pressure on us because we had the Bronco Arena under our belts. Once the results were announced, I felt a sense of relief as all the hours of rehearsing and preparing were finally over. At the end of it all, it was a valuable learning experience and we all felt like we won as a team.

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