Sep 04

NASA-CPP Bronco Startup Challenge 2018

Every year, the Bronco Startup Challenge allows student entrepreneurs to create innovative business plans and pitch their inventions to a panel of judges. The competition involves thirteen weeks of preparation, in which students must prepare their business proposals and submit to the reviewing committee. The goal of Bronco Startup Challenge is to promote students to think creatively and come up with innovative products or services that serves their community. Ten student teams will be allowed to pitch their ideas, if selected, the awarded teams will be given cash prizes to ignite its startup. 1st place is awarded $10,000, 2nd place $3,000, and 3rd place $1,500. The team voted as “crowd favorite” also wins $500. This year, NASA-CPP submit an application for Fantom, an efficient fan design that moves more air while decreasing noise and energy consumption.


After countless hours of hard work and preparation, the judges nominated NASA-CPP and their presenter, Vincent Hsiao, both 1st place and crowd favorite. By achieving recognition from this competition, NASA-CPP will be able to further their research and development for their business ideas.


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