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Factors Affecting the Licensing Process
This study examines the factors affecting the licensing process.  The goal is to enhance the NASA technology licensing process. Accordingly, we contact companies that licensed a NASA technology ask them to participate in a survey.
The results are expected to have the following benefits:
  • Improve the understanding of the licensing process
  • Increase the success rate of licensed NASA technologies
  • Increase licensing revenues
  • Enhance the technology flow from NASA to the economy in general
  • Improve the people’s lives in general as a result of increased number of licensed NASA technologies to be used in everyday life.
The findings can also benefit the companies that license their technologies and help them enhance their licensing process.
For more information regarding the research and recruitment for the research contact:

H. Erkan Ozkaya
Director, NASA – Cal Poly Pomona Business Startup Program
Assistant Professor, International Business & Marketing
California State Polytechnic University. Pomona
Department of International Business and Marketing

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