Our Team



Dr. Ertan Salik

 Engineering Leader

Dr. Kevin Anderson

 Engineering Advisor

Sherry Yu

 Engineering Advisor

Vincent Hsiao

Senior Product Developer and Market Research

Jiangtao Li

Procurement Officer, International Relations

Lauren Keyes

Product Development and Testing

Adrian Brito

Market Research and Public Relations

Rohan Vohra

Finance Director

Alec Hasegawa

Production Development and Testing

Elline Hettiaratchy

Production Development and Testing

Daniel Aley

Visual Designer

Jason Retuta

Web Developer and Multimedia Design

Timothy Nuñez

Product Designer

Tim Den Ouden

Mobile App Developer

Ben Magaña

Product Designer

What our team members say

``The NASA Business Startup program is doing something real, something that can change the world; not just studying out of textbooks and taking exams``- Alec Hasegawa
``Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful``- Tim DenOuden
``NASA CPP is breading a culture of breaking boundaries & exploring our true potential.``- Melissa Corrales
The decision to join the NASA CPP Business Startup Program has been one of the best choices I have made because it has allowed me to apply my knowledge in a way that is both exciting and practical. The learning environment in this program brings out the best in me and it is why I continue coming back for more.- Adrian Brito